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… a most accessible spiritual path
An introduction to Donna Martin's new book

A life without delight is only half a life. (John O’Donohue)

Feeling delighted is both grace and a practice. In fact, I often say about my personal spiritual practice that I’m not aspiring to enlightenment... I’m aspiring to delightenment!

My life, like yours I’m sure, has been quite the spiritual journey... sometimes consciously but mostly unconsciously. More often than not, I have realized in retrospect that a challenging situation revealed a hidden part of myself and often offered me a profound lesson in living and loving. I am learning that every experience, fully lived, offers some kind of gift, even the most difficult ones. So, I endeavour, when challenged, to welcome that aspect of each experience.

It is with deep gratitude and relief that I can honestly say that a great many of the treasured and meaningful teachings and spiritual insights I’ve been offered have not come from painful life experiences, nor from the most challenging situations, but rather they’ve come from experiences of joy and delight. More and more I feel that Life has not only delighted me, but it has delightened me! I’ve been gifted with moments of pure delightenment.

Welcome to a most accessible spiritual path – a journey for which – as is so often true - the destination is the journey itself. The path and the outcome are both delightenment - a more and more frequent - if not constant - state of pure delight. I hope the book delights you…

Happiness – a revelation – is the journey, not the destination. (Anonymous)

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